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53IB on High Alert to Ensure Peaceful Holy Week Observance in Zamboanga del Sur

The Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry Battalion “Matapat” (53IB) assures the residents of Zamboanga del Sur a safe and secure Holy Week celebration. The 53IB emphasizes its unwavering vigilance during this religious holiday.

Throughout Holy Week, the 53IB continues to implement heightened security measures across the province. This includes increased patrols in key areas, establishment of checkpoints in strategic locations, and close coordination with local police and barangay officials. The battalion remains committed to deterring criminal activity and maintaining peace for a meaningful religious observance.

The 53IB encourages the community to remain vigilant as well. Residents are advised to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. By working together, the 53IB and the community can ensure a peaceful and blessed Holy Week for everyone.

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