Unit Seal

Description and Symbolism

The Philippine Eagle

One of the rarest species in the world, the Philippine Eagle is the strongest, fiercest, and most formidable bird. It symbolizes strength, indomitable, and power. Its powerful wings that can soar to heights unknown to other winged creatures symbolize the Filipino Soldier’s daring, lofty, and noble ambition to guide the people to greater heights of freedom.

The Philippine Eagle’s powerful and menacing beak and claws that can crush and subdue even the wildest and most ferocious animals in the forest symbolize the Filipino Soldier’s military skills and capability to defend himself and his people from any oppressor. Likewise, when pushed to the wall he can be the most lethal instrument of war and destruction.

The remarkable intelligence of the Philippine Eagle symbolizes the Filipino Soldier’s intellectual awareness of the socio-political and economic situation around him and his wisdom to know the difference between good and evil.

The Philippine Eagle aptly symbolizes the ideal Filipino Soldier, a rare breed of man, humble in his strength, unique in his wisdom and skills, and virtuous in his ideals and aspirations.

The Flash of Lightning 

Symbolizing light and speed, the lightning packs with an awesome power that can turn even the most secured and impenetrable fortress into rubbles. It symbolizes the Filipino Soldier’s capacity to react quickly and effectively to any given situation and to use his awesome power when armed to destroy the enemy’s will to fight.

On dark stormy nights, the flashes of lightning can sufficiently light a traveler’s way. Likewise, the Filipino Soldier is the government’s instrument to light the way for our people who are groping in darkness brought about by the enemy’s terroristic activities and black propaganda.

Red (Represents Headquarters and Headquarters Service Company)

The Red Color symbolizes bravery and heroism. It symbolizes the priceless blood spilled by our gallant heroes from Lapu-Lapu to the youngest soldiers of today who have laid down their lives in defense of our freedom.

Black (Represents Alpha “ARCHERS” Company)

The black color symbolizes the darker side of the military profession — the reality that a soldier’s life is constantly in danger, the loneliness of being far from his loved ones and families most of the time, and the cold nights that he was to bear and conquer whenever he operates.

Blue (Represents Bravo “BOULDER” Company)

The blue color symbolizes hope. The Filipino Soldier is the people’s hope for a more secure peaceful and stable life — the light at the end of a dark tunnel, helping hand in times of need, and a protector in times of danger.

Yellow (Represents Charlie “COLOSSUS” Company)

The yellow color symbolizes brilliancy, joy, cheerfulness and light. It symbolizes the light that will guide the Filipino Soldier on the road of unswerving dedication to serve the flag. It also serves as light for misguided Filipinos towards the destiny of complete tranquillity and prosperity.

The Shield

The Shield symbolizes the Filipino Soldier’s preparedness and the capability to defend the nation not only from external but also from internal threats.


“MATAPAT” symbolizes the Filipino Soldier’s sincerity and loyalty to the people the constitution and the AFP. It also symbolizes faithfulness and devotion to his duty and responsibilities.