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SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT | Matapat Troopers Celebrate Catholic Sunday Mass

Every Sunday, the Catholic faithful members of the Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry “Matapat” Battalion (53IB) celebrate the Eucharistic Mass at St. Michael Chapel, 53Ib Headquarters, Camp Maj. David Sabido, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur.

The purpose of Catholic Mass gatherings is to worship and to receive God’s grace, to unify with God and with other worshipers through the sacrament of the Eucharist. As a sacrament, the Catholic faithful believe that it is Jesus himself acting through the Eucharist, and supplies all the graces. The Mass is a celebration of this sacrifice. It is the active participation of all that come together in the place of worship.

“We do not come to Mass just to receive something or show we are attending, we come to embrace Christ’s grace and blessings,” a Matapat Trooper attending the Mass said.“

In attending the Mass, we stand before God and appreciate the sacrifices of Jesus,” another Matapat Trooper said.

The Catholic Mass activity that spiritually nourishes the faithful Matapat Trooper is also part of the 53IB’s drive to pursue transformation to become a world class Army that is a source of national pride by 2028 in line with the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR).

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