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Labangan Launches First-Ever “Kalilintad” Festival to Promote Tri-People Unity and Peace

The municipality of Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur, celebrated the first-ever “Kalilintad” Festival on March 4, 2024, signifying a new chapter in promoting peace and unity among its constituents.

“Kalilintad,” meaning “peace,” serves as the town’s unique cultural celebration. The brainchild of Labangan Mayor Eduardo Relacion, the festival aims to foster peace, understanding, and cooperation within the community, particularly among the tri-peoples of Labangan: the indigenous Subanens, the Islamic Moro people, and the local settlers.

The opening ceremony was presided by Mayor Relacion and was graced by 1st Infantry Division’s Assistant Division Commander (ADC) Brig. Gen. Antonio John Divinagracia. Notably, the event also welcomed human rights and peace advocate Samira Gutoc, highlighting the festival’s commitment to fostering a peaceful and inclusive environment.

The “Kalilintad” Festival serves as a testament to Labangan’s dedication to building strong relationships and promoting harmony among its diverse population. This annual celebration signifies a crucial step towards a more peaceful and unified future for the town.

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