HONORING HERITAGE AND FOSTERING UNITY: 53IB Joins the Celebration of 54th Araw ng Pagadian 2023

The Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry “Matapat” Battalion (53IB) participated the spectacular Grand Civic Military Parade as Pagadian City celebrated the 54th Araw ng Pagadian held at Pagadian City Downtown on June 23, 2023.

Hon. Samuel S. Co, City Mayor, led the event alongside the City Councilors, representatives and directors from various government and non-government agencies, and esteemed guests, including the 53IB with Cpt. Bahnarin K. Camsa, 53IB Executive Officer.

The streets of Pagadian City came alive with colors and music during the said Grand Civic Military Parade. This is one of the highlights of the 54th Araw ng Pagadian celebrations, served as a platform to honor the city and commemorate its progress and achievement. This grand parade showcased the unity, strength, and patriotism of the community, paying homage to the rich history and cultural heritage of the city.

The Grand Civic Military Parade exemplified the collective spirit and resilience of the people of Pagadian City. Through this grand event, the city’s residents, local organizations, and public servants came together to celebrate their shared heritage and aspirations. The parade served as a vibrant reminder of the city’s progress and the bright future that lies ahead.

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