Troops' Welfare

CAPTURED! Matapat Troopers Highly Motivated to be Promoted to Next Higher Rank

Selected troops of the Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry “Matapat” Battalion (53IB) were promoted to next higher rank in a simple ceremony as 53IB continues to uphold the morale and welfare of its troops.

The troops promoted were as follows:

Master Sergeant (MSg) Vicente A Mayo

MSg Rey V Desor

Technical Sergeant (TSg) Albert M Caňo

TSg Eugene O Macasling

Staff Sgt. (SSg)Noel E Enriquez

SSg. Danilo F PaqueraSSg. Muktadir T Adong

SSg.. Abdulhusin A Sharifah

SSg. Raul G Prudente

SSg. Eman Glen P Pitogo

Sgt. Juvelito C Casipong

Sgt. Nickson I Abdulhamid

Sgt. Hussin H Maddas

Sgt. Gimar C Mira

Sgt. Mohammad N Sikal

Cpl Abdul Mutalib A Hatibbon

Cpl Ryan James T Pacheco

The Matapat Troopers remain committed and are now more motivated to serve the people they have sworn to protect.

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