Ending Insurgency Project Good Life

According to Good Life Academy President Dr. Moibe Olitres, RGC, the Friends Rescued are thriving on an experimental, school-like environment.

“We are just there to facilitate. At the end of the day, they should be the ones to discover themselves, their sense of awareness, and how to heal themselves,” said Dr. Olitres.

Project Good Life for Friends Rescued (FRs) is an inclusive wellbeing psychoeducation program initiated by 53IB in partnership with various organizations and national government agencies that aims to translate the result of initial strength-based research inquiry among former rebels of the 53rd Infantry Battalion to community extension service.

It is a need-based program for FRs to support Executive Order 70 signed by the President which institutionalizes the Whole-of-Nation approach to end local communist armed conflict in the country.

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