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STRENGTHENING COASTAL SECURITY: Matapat Troopers Complete Seaborne Operations Training in Tukuran, ZDS

Selected Matapat Troopers and CAFGU Active Auxiliary personnel (CAAs) under the Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry “Matapat” Battalion (53IB) undertook the Seaborne Training at Tabak Beach, Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur on May 27-31, 2021, in partnership with 4th Special Forces “Dolphin Warriors” Battalion and the Local Government Unit of Tukuran.

The 5-day training, attended by 5 Enlisted Personnel (EP) and 26 CAAs, provided the participants with combat skills enhancement including Beach Landing, Security Patrol, Sea Patrolling, Clearing the Beach Landing Site (BLS), Signaling Method, and Riverine Operations.

The training was facilitated by 53IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col Jo-ar Herrera, Training Officer 1Lt. Jerick Christian Papa, and Operations Officer 1Lt. Jonathan Cernitchez. 1st Civil-Military Operations “Mahigalaon” Battalion Commanding Officer Lt. Col. John Andrada was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the closing program.

“Soldiers’ mindset should be multidimensional. We should derive ourselves as warrior diplomats utilizing Civil-Military Operations as a way of drawing the terrorist back to the folds of law. Peace and development cannot be done without security and confidence of the people. This training is a big help to maintain peace and order in Tukuran. Great impact was thought, SOP was being lectured thoroughly on how to engage the enemy and how to survive in the middle of the sea during crisis,” 53IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera said.

“This training enhances the participants’ multi-tasking skills for the widespread coastal security and I believe that you are now ready for seawater operations,” Lt. Col. John Andrada said.

“We are very thankful for all of you, the men in uniform, for undertaking this kind of initiative for securing our coastal areas,” Tukuran Municipal Public Information Officer Arjie Jhon Cuizon said.

The closing program was also attended by Tukuran Municiapl Council Members Sukarno Mamasalagat and Bobby Mamentong.This training aimed at enhancing combat skills of Matapat Troopers and CAAs is part of the 53IB’s drive to pursue transformation to become a world class Army that is a source of national pride by 2028 in line with the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR).

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