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53IB Sergeant Major Receives Physical Fitness Proficiency Award

The Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry “Matapat” Battalion (53IB) bestowed the Physical Fitness Proficiency Awards to the deserving Officers and Enlisted Personnel during the Flag Raising Ceremony on May 17, 2021 at 53IB Headquarters, Camp Maj. David Sabido, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur.

“This Proficiency Fitness Proficiency Award is a reward to 53IB personnel for being devoted and hard-working. Thank you to our Battalion Commander, this is my first time to receive this award. In order to have this, we need to practice. As soldiers of the Philippine Army, we should always need to be physically and mentally healthy. I am not carrying my own bench but at my age of 46, I can still run 3.2 kms in 14 minutes. We need to practice and exercise regularly while we are still in the service,” 53IB Sergeant Major TSg. Vicente Mayo.

“I am happy to see that there are a lot who are complying with what I am setting as standard about the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). With the privilege of having 90%, it is not just a one snap result but it should entail extensive preparations. Despite their age, our Battalion Sergeant Major and First Sergeant can still be able to perform well,” 53IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera said.

During the ceremony, 16 Matapat Troopers received the Physical Fitness Proficiency Award for obtaining 90% PFT Rating and above.

This activity is part of the 53IB’s drive to pursue transformation to become a world class Army that is a source of national pride by 2028 in line with the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR).

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