Ending Insurgency

Breaking Free From Communist Deception: INFLICTING MORE MISERY

The Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) has not only deceived young people into joining their armed struggle, but it has also misled poor communities including indigenous peoples to fight against the government. 

They introduced themselves as guardians of human rights that would provide solutions for perpetual difficulties brought about by poverty. 

But the CPP-NPA has inflicted more pain instead of healing the wound. The CPP-NPA has actually caused more misery among the people instead of providing concrete solutions to help the communities. 

The CPP-NPA has trampled the lives of their recruits to deeper poverty instead of encouraging developments in remote poverty-stricken communities. 

Written by Leah Agonoy, a Pagadian-based journalist, and 53IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, the “BREAKING FREE” book highlights eye-opening narratives of actual accounts of young people’s fateful journeys who were once deceived but were able to break free from the shadows of communist deceptions in the Zamboanga Peninsula. 

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