Ending Insurgency


In the guise of fabricated activism supposedly serving the marginalized sectors, recruiters have infiltrated academic institutions to take advantage of the innocence of unsuspecting students. 

Recruiters have mesmerized their recruits’ youthful imaginations and stirred false nationalism among them. They have ignited the passion of their young recruits to make them believe they would serve the poor but the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army’s (CPP-NPA) real and ulterior motives were dragging them into violence against the government.

The CPP-NPA recruiters were ravening wolves in a sheep’s skin clothing concealed within so-called activist groups that preyed on the idealism of young minds. They were able to play around with the legalities to camouflage their real purpose — to persuade students to rise against the government and eventually join the armed insurgency in the mountains.

It was only recently that former CPP-NPA rebels, who have chosen to surrender and have given up the communist struggle, exposed the real motives of legal activist organizations for different marginalized sectors. The former rebels revealed that these cause-oriented organizations were actually front organizations of the CPP-NPA that were tasked to recruit new members including from the student sectors.

This book includes chronicles of the actual experiences of former rebels who have witnessed how these front organizations have played a very significant role in the CPP-NPA recruitment. Students were initially invited to join an activist group but they eventually ended up carrying firearms with the CPP-NPA in the hinterlands.

Written by Leah Agonoy, a Pagadian-based journalist, and 53IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, the “BREAKING FREE” book highlights eye-opening narratives of actual accounts of young people’s fateful journeys who were once deceived but were able to break free from the shadows of communist deceptions in the Zamboanga Peninsula. 

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