BREAKING FREE FROM COMMUNIST DECEPTION: Compelling Stories of Youths Recruited and Deceived by CPP-NPA

Journey to Freedom: From Recruitment to Surrender

Written by Leah Agonoy, a Pagadian-based journalist, and 53IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, this book highlights eye-opening narratives of actual accounts of young people’s fateful journeys who were once deceived but were able to break free from the shadows of communist deceptions in the Zamboanga Peninsula. The detailed illustrations of events are compelling to dissuade anyone who would consider membership to the CPP-NPA terrorist organization.

“May this book inspire more young people to rally against the false communist ideological practices and deceptions of the CPP-NPA and its masked legal front organizations. Those who have already been recruited and joined the communists are persuaded to surrender and give up the distressing life with CPP-NPA,” Lt. Col. Herrera said.

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