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Former Rebels, Troops, Matapat Ladies Receive Pastry Production Training

The 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion in partnership with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) conducted community-based skills training for the Former Rebels (FRs) of 53rd IB held on November 13, 2020 at 53rd IB Headquarters, Camp Sabido, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur.

Also recipients of the training were the troops and “Matapat Ladies” composed of the wives of 53rd IB Matapat Troopers.

Aligned to the government’s whole-of-nation approach is the convergence of different government agencies to empower the community and equipp them with skills and knowledge to better themselves as effective members of our society. 

The pastry production training will also help the Former Rebels and the Matapat Ladies in generating extra income especially during these trying times.

The said pastry production training is a one-day  training on procedures and processes in making pastries.

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