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IN PHOTOS: 53rd IB Dons Rank to Newly-Promoted Personnel

The Army’s 53rd Infantry “Matapat” Battalion (53IB) donned the new ranks to its newly-promoted personnel in a simple but fitting ceremony held yesterday November 14 at 53rd IB Headquarters, Camp Sabido, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur.

A total of 34 enlisted personnel were promoted to the next higher rank.

Of the 34 Matapat Troopers promoted, 6 were promoted from Private First Class (PFC) to Corporal (Cpl); 6 were promoted from Cpl to Sergeant (Sgt); 14 —9 permanent and 5 temporary— were promoted from Sgt to Staff Sergeant (SSg); 7—4 permanent and 3 temporary— were promoted from SSg to Technical Sergeant (TSg); and 1 —MSg Miguel Habawel, the Acting Battalion Sergeant Major (SM), was promoted from TSg to Master Sergeant (MSg).

53rd IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar presided the donning of ranks ceremony, together with the proud and supportive family members of those promoted.

In his message, Lt. Col. Herrera encouraged the newly-promoted Matapat Troopers to continue their pursuit of excellence, acknowledging their hardwork and dedication to duty especially for having the 53rd IB top the recently-concluded Annual General Inspection (AGI) conducted by the Philippine Army Inspector General (PAIG).

“This is a solid proof that your hardwork, dedication to duty, and selfless service is not forgotten by the Philippine Army. Your Matapat Family is one with you in celebrating your well-deserved promotion,” said Lt. Col. Herrera.

“Continue your pursuit of excellence, undergo various schoolings, and your Battalion will support you,” the 53rd IB Commander added.

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