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53rd IB Bestows Best Squad of the Month Award

The 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion bestowed the Best Squad of the Month Award to the “VENDETTA” squad in a ceremony held on September 23 at 53rd IB Headquarters, Camp Sabido, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur.

Vendetta played a key role in maintaining peace in the unit’s area of operations, as they successfully captured multiple high-powered firearms killed one NPA terrorist  after a combat encounter transpired between them and NPA’s Main Regional Guerilla Unit on September 21.

The said combat encounter eventually resulted to the apprehension of MRGU’s commander alias JOTHAM/HENRY.

Certificates of Recognition and Letters of Commendation were awarded to 3 Enlisted Personnel and  6 CAFGU Active Auxiliaries (CAAs).

Moreover, the said Enlisted Personnel are recommended for Gold Cross Medal while the rest of the squad will undergo process for special enlistment  for their brave actions and dedication to duty.

“This is another milestone achievement not just for our unit but to the whole organization,” said Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, pertaining to the AFP’s commitment in ending decades-long problem on communist insurgency.

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