Matapat Commander speaks on Servant Leadership to empower Senior NCOs

The 1st Infantry (TABAK) Division conducted a two-day Senior Enlisted Leader’s Forum attended by the Sergeant Majors from its Organic and Operationally-controlled (OPCON) Battalions and Brigades held at EP Club House, Kuta Sang-an, Labangan, ZDS on August 27-28, 2020.

Commanding Officer of 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera was invited in the said Forum to share his insights and expectations as a Battalion Commander.

Some of these expectations are the following:

1. Open mindedness and flexibility to carry out Command guidance, ready to translate orders into actions;

2. Optimize experience to advice junior officers and young NCOs;

3. Bearer of check and balance to promote morale and welfare and Mission accomplishment;

4. Lead by example – professionalism and combat ready;

5. Good Communication to advance collaboration and convergence.

Lt. Col. Herrera also congraulated them for being the best and brightest Senior NCOs to lead the battalions and for their servant-leadership in addressing the needs of the people whom we pledge to serve and protect.

He gave emphasis on the importance of disseminating the Commander’s guidance and encouraged all the Sergeant Majors to be the guardian of standard and excellence.

Maj. Gen. Gene Ponio graced the Closing Ceremony of the said forum encouraging the Senior NCOs to set the example to their subordinates.

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