53rd IB Conducts Matapat Unity Shoot

Matapat Unity Shoot – Strengthening Camaraderie and Convergence through Sports

Various Local Chief Executives (LCEs) and stakeholders of 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion participated in the Matapat Unity Shoot held at the Matapat Firing Range, Headquarters, 53rd IB, Camp Sabido, this town yesterday August 15.

Among the participants in the said Matapat Unity Shoot were LCEs in Zamboanga del Sur and the LCE of Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte province.

The activity was dubbed as “Unity Shoot” because unity is the core of the whole-of-nation approach which intends to address the local communist armed conflict in the country. This involves the different stakeholders of the unit.

History proves that we cannot address peace and order issues without collaboration and convergence because it is a shared responsibility.

In his message, 53rd IB Commanding Officer thanked the LCEs who also sit as the chairpersons of Task Forces ELCAC in their respective municipalities.

“I thank the LCEs for leading the way as the Chairmen of TF-ELCAC for their support.  This unity shoot is a tool to develop our camaraderie and friendship especially in addressing not only the issues pertaining to Communist-NPA terrorists but also the problems in coastal areas,” said Lt. Col. Herrera.

The said activity is to celebrate the Battalion’s 18th Reactivation year.

The Battalion will celebrate its 36th Anniversary on January 1 next year, following its activation on January 01, 1985.

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