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Matapat Troopers get Military Commendation Medal

The 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion is one with the people in congratulating 2Lt. Kim Cedrick Lemus and 1Lt. Jonathan Cernitchez for their heroic achievement, selfless service, and dedication to duty!

In the recent months, the 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion, as part of Task Unit “KAISER” of Army’s 102nd Infantry (IGSOON) Brigade, has been successful in shaping the operational environment in its area of operations, resulting in multiple armed encounters against Communist-NPA terrorists (CNTs), most of which yielded firearms and neutralized enemy personalities.

2Lt. Lemus and 1Lt. Cernitchez have been awarded the Military Commendation Medal by Army’s 1st Infantry Division Commander Maj. Gen. Gene Ponio.

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