Troops' Welfare

Matapat Troopers study Subanen Language and Culture

Troops of 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion started studying Subanen language and culture to enhance their skills and capabilities in communicating with the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) living in 53rd IB area of operations (AOR).

The lecture was conducted by Ms. Alelie Grace Dawang-Lingating, DepEd Division Youth Coordinator and Project Development Officer-1. It intends to break the language and culture barriers between the Matapat Troopers and the IPs.

This will, in turn, help the troops understand their (Subanens’) history, culture and traditions, and eventually, their issues and concerns in their respective communities.

To address the IP communities’ issues and concerns, one must first be able to understand them, hence this lecture.

The Subanen is a tribe indigenous to Zamboanga Peninsula, particularly living in the mountainous areas of Zamboanga del Sur. According to a census conducted in the past decade, there were more than 148,000 Subanen people in this province alone.

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