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LGU launches Forest Green Program; 53rd IB Troopers plant trees, participate in World Environment Day

The 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion attended the launching of Forest Green Program morning 06 June at the grounds of Dumingag Institute for Sustainable Organic Agriculture (DISOA), Brgy. Dapiwak, Municipality of Dumingag, this province.

Part of the launching of Forest Green Program was a tree planting activity also held at the grounds of DISOA.

In her remarks, Dumingag Mayor Hon. Joan Abejuela shared three things in connection with the celebration of World Environment Day.

“Home, Social Responsibility, and Regeneration. Our activity today is for our home – for the citizens of Dumingag, and our future; social responsibility… I hope that the social responsibility of planting trees will be passed to next generations; and regeneration, I would like to remind everyone that today’s tree-planting activity is the best model for regeneration,” Mayor Joan Abejuela said.

Hon. Abejuela also reminded those present in the activity that we humans are just care-takers of the environment.

“We target to fill the 50-hectare land with trees in 10 years. We are part of the environment, not above it,” Hon. Abejuela added.

In addition, Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, 53rd IB Commander, mentioned in his remarks the need for collaboration and convergence to address the problems that emerge from unaddressed environmental issues.

“Through collaboration and convergence, the LGU and different agencies assume their respective roles and take part in addressing the problems and issues such as scarcity of resources and security issues,” said Lt. Col. Herrera.

“The youth is the hope and future leaders of our country. The next generation of leadership should exercise good governance to immortalize this advocacy,” Lt. Col. Herrera added.

Lt. Col. Herrera also said the Army will be part of this advocacy to help create a cleaner and greener environment.

Meanwhile, the Guest of Honor and Speaker Ms. Crisanta Marlene Rodriguez, the DENR-IX Regional Executive Director, also held that collaboration and partnership are the ingredients of success.

“The number of people present here today is an evidence of how good the leadership is. These people evidently believe in the Forest Green Program, and through collaboration and partnership, we hope to address the emerging environmental issues with great results,” said Dir. Rodriguez.

Director Rodriguez also reiterated the theme for this year’s World Environment Day and World Environment Month – “Time for Nature.”

“It took one virus to realize that the environment is suffering, and also the time to realize that the more important things in life are not things. One way to help the environment is by becoming more conscious of our everyday decisions, minding the implications of those decisions to the environment,” Director Rodriguez added.

The launching of Forest Green Program and the tree-planting activity formed part of the celebration of World Environment Day and World Environment Month.

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